Health Coaching

Ruba Abdullah
Ruba Abdullah is a pharmacist, diabetes educator and health coach. Her passion in life is to live as healthy and toxic-free as possible. She has been a pharmacist for over 14 years, a diabetes educator for over 6 years and most recently a health coach for the past 3 years. After several years helping people manage their diabetes, either by modifying their drug regimen or counseling them on what to eat or not to eat, she pursued a certification in diabetes education. Her passion for health and wellness along with being a mother of 4 children motivated her to research the best ways to age beautifully and safely. The impetus for beauty without toxins is how Glo Spa was born. She comanages Glo Spa with her sister Zain. Ruba offers diabetic education, health coaching, and shares her passion for running marathons to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles.